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Why Buy a Metal Garden Arch?

There's no doubt that a garden arch can add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space and create an interesting focal point.

In addition, it can add height to a flat garden, and of course provide an ideal base for climbing plants to establish themselves and develop into an attractive and colourful display.

So your first main question when deciding on a garden arch is whether to buy a wooden arch or a metal one. In this article we will be looking at the benefits of installing a metal garden arch in your outdoor space.


The immediate difference is of course in the way they look. Metal arches have a more contemporary appearance and may be fashioned into a simple classic arch or have more ornate finish with fine detailing that timber arches simply cannot match.

Over time, a timber arch will become weathered and the texture and colour will change, but a properly treated metal arch should retain its colour and won't change from year to year.


Metal arches, even those made from heavy steel will be lighter than chunky timbers and will be easier to install. Metal arches have long legs - up to 40cm of which is designed to be sunk into the ground to provide a nice, solid installation.

It is not usually necessary to concrete or use any other type of fixing in this situation, although cheaper and lighter arches may be more prone to wind damage than their more expensive counterparts.

Also, most metal arches can be fixed to hard surfaces with fixing bolts, an option not usually available with timber arches.


Cast iron has been used for outdoor structures for over 200 years, but these days most metal arches are manufactured from lighter aluminium or steel.

Some cheaper arches tend to be made from tubular aluminium or thin steel which is then powder coated or given a plastic covering. This gives it colour and provides some basic weather protection.

More expensive arches will be made from much heavier grade steel and will first be galvanised - a protective layer of zinc will be applied to the whole surface, inside and out, to give ultimate protection against the elements. Then the colour will be applied, usually in the form of powder coating.

Sizes and Custom Made Designs

Metal arches come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and as already mentioned, the flexibility of metal allows for more intricate designs as well as wider spans than wooden arches.

If you can't find the metal arch that is quite right, then consider having one custom made for you. One manufacturer, Harrod Horticultural provides a made to measure service for metal garden arches and other structures - the only limit is your imagination!


Whether you're looking to develop a colourful focal point, divide two areas of your garden or create an interesting entrance to your garden path, a metal garden arch is a modern, easy to install and long lasting solution worth considering.