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Wall Arches

Wall Arches

Wall arches or half arches are an ideal solution for brightening up a pathway along a wall that would otherwise not fit a regular arch. They make a great alternative to a trellis or screen that seem somewhat flat in comparison!

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No Half Measures

Looking something like a chopped off archway, the 'normal' side is designed to be installed in the ground as with a regular arch - maybe a border alongside the path, although it could also be fixed down on a solid surface.

The 'short' side fixes to a wall - brick or stone is preferred but a timber structure will also suffice if it is sturdy enough.

Fixing a wall arch to the wall
Fixing a wall arch to the wall

They are usually designed to be fixed at around the 1.5 metre mark so ensure your wall is tall enough!

Wall Arch Uses

Depending on the length of the wall and pathway, you might want to consider more than one arch to create a charming arched 'tunnel' effect.

Another great location to install this type of arch is over a gate at the start of the path to create a spectacular entrance, especially when covered in fragrant climbers.

Wall arch over an entrance gate
Create an imposing entrance

DIY Wall Arches

Can I use a normal garden arch as a wall arch? In theory you could modify a regular arch, although it would depend on the design. Take a close look at where the top section meets the top of the side panel. You may also need to drill holes in the frame to accommodate the wall fixings.

Bring on the Wall, Arch

Now the bad news - they are quite rare and can be hard to find. In addition, wall arches are only available in metal - we have not seen any timber wall arches.

However, garden structure specialists Agriframes and Harrod Horticultural do offer a range of wall arches in a good choice of styles and sizes so all is not lost.

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Annette recently emailed us about her purchase of an Agriframes wall arch:
"It was really easy to put together ... We were getting approving comments from passers-by even before we'd finished ... if it looks this good now, it will look stunning once the climbing plants that we've put in start to grow."