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Wednesday 24 February 2021

News, Offers and Inspiration!

Classic Roman Style Arch with a Contemporary Twist

Grey Roman Arch

THE Roman arch from Harrod Horticultural has long been a favourite with its classic styling and sturdy steel construction - as you'd expect from this premium UK manufacturer.

As well as the traditional black colour that most arches are finished in, the Roman arch is also available in this stunning silk grey, which will surely make it an eye-catching focal point in your garden.

Available in 4 widths up to 2.5 metres, prices start at just £299 and there is a 10 year guarantee for peace of mind.

Grey Roman Arch

Climbing Plants for Garden Arches

Climbing Plants for Garden Arches

THERE is nothing wrong with a bare arch, but to really maximise the benefit of your arch there are many a variety of climbing plants that will thrive over the structure and afford not only a fantastic display of colour but also emit wonderful fragrances as you pass by.

Climbing Plants for Arches

Gardening Clubs

ONLINE subscription services and clubs are really popular these days and can be found across a wide range of interests and hobbies.

Gardening is no exception of course - here are two unique services, aimed at all levels of gardening expertise.

Seed PantryWhether you are a gardening newbie or seasoned expert, discover more to grow by joining Seed Pantry, a unique gardening subscription service.

Each month they will send you a tailored box with a selection of flowers and foods to grow, along with expert grow guides, tips and inspiration.

Save 50% on your first month's box! One-off boxes, seeds and bulbs also available to buy separately.

Seed Pantry

Secret Gardening ClubThis free to join club is designed for both seasoned and beginner gardeners alike and members receive alerts when new stock is available.

They work with UK plant nurseries taking their over-supply - meaning they can offer a huge range of high-quality plants at up to 70% discount!

In fact, on average over a year, club members save £105 on their plants.

They also sell wildlife sacks, bouquets, planters, gift hampers and more.

Secret Gardening Club

Latest Voucher Code Deals

HERE are the latest discount codes offering some great savings on garden arches and more.

We're delighted to announce that we have an exclusive voucher code with Garden Selections: MORTIM10 that gives you 10% off all orders (valid until 31 Dec 2030).

Gothic Versailles garden arch

Maybe you'll go for the elegant Gothic Tuscan arch pictured, or how about the ever popular Amalfi?

Selections Garden Arches

The Colonnade Arch is Twice as Nice!

Colonnade Arch

YOU'LL be seeing double when you purchase the Colonnade Arch from Agriframes - you actually get two arches in the one package!

Based on their elegant and modern Column Arch design, the Colonnade allows you to create a deeper walkway when you join the two arches together with the included sidebars.

Fully galvanised for maximum weather protection, the Colonnade is available in 3 different sizes up to 3 metres wide.

Colonnade Arch

Understated Elegance: the Modern Garden Arch

Modern Garden Arch

NEW from Forest Garden is this striking wooden arch with slatted side panels and sleek anthracite grey semi-gloss finish.

Despite its contemporary design, it tasteful enough to be right at home in a traditional cottage garden just as much as a more urban setting.

For that coordinated look, Forest Garden also have slatted fence panels in the same colour and a range of slatted wooden planters (they will need painting though).

Modern Garden Arch

Garden Arches for Walls

Wall Arch

WALL arches or half arches, call them what you will - all we know is that they are very difficult to find! We are always getting enquiries for them; now we've extended our search and found a few reasonably priced examples.

Agriframes Wall Arch
This arch from Agriframes is quite substantial and is available in a variety of widths from 1.2 metres to a massive 3.6 metres. Competitively priced too, it even has an optional infill pack in an attractive honeycomb design.

Annette recently emailed us about her purchase of this arch:
"It was really easy to put together ... We were getting approving comments from passers-by even before we'd finished ... if it looks this good now, it will look stunning once the climbing plants that we've put in start to grow."

Agriframes Wall Arch

Other Wall Arches

The Huntingdon Arch has Integrated Planters

Huntingdon Arch with Integrated Planters

IF YOU are looking for a smart metal arch with integrated planters (and they are not easy to find!) then take a look at the Huntingdon.

It's a stylish metal arch finished in on-trend gunmetal grey and has some nice simple detailing on the side panels.

What sets it apart though, are the two integrated planter boxes either side, which of course are in the same colour and style as the main arch.

At over 1 metre wide between the posts, the arch itself is a good size and the planters themselves are 50cm square.

Garden Arch & Planters

The Large Ultima Arch Really Measures Up

Wide Wooden Arch

CONSIDERING a wide wooden archway, maybe to span your garden path? Look no further than the Large Ultima Pergola Arch from Forest Garden. It's unusually wide for a wooden archway at 2.1 metres between the posts and with a 2.7 metre overall width.

It's constructed from chunky timbers and there are lattice side panels which add a touch of elegance as well as being helpful to your climbing plants. It is also available in a slightly narrower version if you like the style but don't need that much width.

Wide Timber Arch

How to Fix a Garden Arch Into the Ground

WE ARE often asked what is the proper procedure to securely fix a garden arch or arbour into the ground, so here is a quick explainer for you to ensure you get a sturdy, wobble-free structure!

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Whitby Arch Celebrates Town's Whaling Heritage

Whitby arch

FOREST Garden have just launched a striking new arch called the Whitby, celebrating that town's important role in the whaling industry.

Inspired by the whalebone arch on Whitby seafront, this unique design features chunky slatted side panels that overlap at the top just like the Whitby monument.

It's wide too at 1.4 metres between the posts, so is ideal for spanning a path or bench, and is also available in two depths - 76cm and 150cm.

Whitby Arch

New Super-Wide Metal Arch

Wide metal arch

HARROD Horticultural have just announced a new addition to their range of arches - the Ellipse. This arch features a gently curved top section.

This design works especially well over wider spans - and the Ellipse excels here. There are 5 widths available, from 1.5 metres wide right up to 3.5 metres - wide enough to drive your car through!

Wide ellipse arch

Over the Door with Agriframes

Round Portico Arch

FROM time to time we get asked about an over-door archway so we are delighted to see that Agriframes actually offer a range of these hard-to-find products.

This particular portico (portico is the official name for such an arch) follows the same round style as their popular round arch, comes supplied with lattice infill panels already welded in place.

Round Portico Arch

Enjoy a Full Moon Every Day with the Moon Gate Arch

Circular metal garden arch

IF YOU are looking for an arch that is a little bit unusual, then you will like this attractive circular arch from Harrod Horticultural.

It is very large at 2.5 metres wide and 2.3 metres tall, and there are 3 depths available: 0.6 metres, 1.05 metres and 1.55 metres.

It is designed to be installed directly into soil (an extra 40cm is added to the height to allow this) but optional mounting sockets are available if you want to fix it to hard ground or concrete.

Like all Harrod arches it is built to last, and is constructed from thick, galvanised steel backed up by a 10 year framework warranty.

Moon Gate arch

Kiwifruit Make Great Climbing Plants for Arches!

Kiwifruit in the UK

DID you know that you can grow exotic Kiwi fruit in the UK and, as vigourous growers, they make great climbers for your arch with their pretty and fragrant flowers.

With careful attention to location and regular maintenance, kiwi vines could soon be adding a touch of the exotic to your garden arch.

Kiwifruit in the UK

Round-Up of the Round Tops!

Round top garden arches

TALL and elegant, garden arches with a semi-circular top section are quite popular at the moment and all the major brands have their own versions.

Whether you are looking for a metal or timber one, there's bound to be one to suit your particular setting. Here is a rundown of what is available right now!

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It's Hip to be Square

Harrod square metal arch

IF RIGHT angles rather than semi-circles are your thing, then take a look at this perfectly square arch by Harrod Horticultural.

It is available in a wide range of sizes between 1 and 3 metres wide, has a 10 year guarantee and you can even link multiple arches together!

Square Metal Arch

The Wrenbury is Popular

Wrenbury metal garden arches

A PARTICULARLY popular arch at the moment is the Wrenbury Round Top metal arch from garden product experts Rowlinson.

Not to be confused with the original flat-top Wrenbury arch (also still available), this one has a generously sized curved top section and is finished in the same attractive gunmetal grey colour.

The round-top version is also unique in that you can connect several together to make a pleasant tunnel-style walkway.

Wrenbury Metal Arches

Getting to the Point with Gothic Style Garden Arches

Metal Gothic Arches

A GOTHIC arch is one of the most popular styles for a metal arch with a wide range to choose from at all price levels. But did you know there are actually two types of gothic arch?

Traditional Gothic Arch
A traditional gothic arch has gently sloping slides culminating in a simple point - very much like the shape of a church window and this shape dates back to Gothic architecture of the late medieval period.

The Harrod Gothic Metal Arch is one of few that feature this shape. It is superbly constructed from heavyweight steel and is available in various widths up to 2.5 metres.

Ogee Gothic Arch
A more widely available style of gothic arch is the Ogee, which consists of a double curve rising to a sharp point. This is sometimes also referred to as a Venetian arch owing to it's popularity in that city.

The ever popular Selections Versailles Arch is available for around £50, while the sturdy Harrod Ogee Arch is available in four widths.

All gothic arches

Wide Garden Arches

Wide garden arches

IF YOU are looking for a wide garden arch - say over 1.5 metres, then you'll know it can be a difficult task. The standard width of the openings on the majority of garden arches seems to be around 1 metre on average.

But fear not, we have looked around and come up with this excellent list of extra wide garden arches!

Wide garden arches

We've Seen the Light and it's at Kings Cross!

Arch at Coal Drops Yard

WHILE browsing Coal Drops Yard, a new retail and events space in a former Victorian Coal Yard next to Kings Cross Station, we chanced upon this lovely installation of illuminated arches.

Located in a garden terrace on the upper level, these arches look great at night and provide some good inspiration if you are looking for ideas for on-trend modern arches for your own space.

Visit Coal Drops Yard

The Single Hoop Arch is the Minimalists Choice

Single Hoop Arch

THE single hoop arch from Harrod proves that less is more. The elegant single arch is just 38mm thick but made from sturdy and non-corrosive aluminium.

There are 3 widths and heights available and you can also link several arches together with galvanised steel cable to make a stunning tunnel.

The design was inspired by a visit to the gardens at Raymond Blanc's famous Le Manoir Hotel and Restuarant no less!

Single hoop arch

Why Buy a Metal Garden Arch?

Metal garden arches

THERE is no doubt that a garden arch can add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space and create an interesting focal point. In this article we will be looking at the benefits of installing a metal garden arch.

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Some Useful Articles on Roses for Garden Arches

Garden roses

WHEN it comes to ideal climbing plants for your archway, roses are hard to beat. Here are some top tips to get you started.


Garden Arches: all you need to know

types of garden arches

Here is a quick summary version of our exclusive buyers guide - read the full version here

Why buy a garden arch?
An archway can add height to a flat garden and provides an ideal home for colourful and fragrant climbing plants.

A well-placed arch can also divide a garden into separate areas or, in conjunction with hedges or fencing, screen off utility areas such as washing lines or bins.

Metal or wooden garden arches?
Wooden arches tend to be more suited to traditional settings, and their natural timber construction blends in well. The timber is usually pressure treated to protect against rot and is light green or tan in appearance.

Metal arches are more contemporary are are well suited to more urban situations. Most metal arches for gardens are plain steel or painted black and can range from simple designs to those with very ornate detailing.

Garden Arbours
In their most basic form arbours are simply metal or wooden archways but with a fixed seat under the arch.

Wooden arbours tend to be more enclosed and are therefore more suited to the variable British weather.

Often supplied in a natural finish, wooden arbours can be painted in bright or heritage shades to blend in with their surroundings.

Read the Full Buyers Guide