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Wednesday 19 June 2024

News, Offers and Inspiration!

Create an even more impressive entrance to your garden or pathway with the Marlborough metal arch. Delightfully finished in an antique green/gold colour, it features double gates which have impressive detailing to match the rest of the arch.

Metal Arch and Gates

It is surprisingly rare to find a white garden arch, so we are pleased to present the Rustic Arch from Crocus. The intricate scrollwork looks great in off-white cream, and the supplied mounting pegs ensure it retains a study footing.

White Metal Arch

This couldn't be a better time to buy a garden arch! Some of the UK's most popular brands have updated their ranges with a host of new products for spring, and in a wide range of styles including both both timber and metal construction.

New Garden Arches 2024

Installing an arch is a simple and effective way to transform your garden and create a stunning focal point. Here are 4 popular arches that will add the wow factor to any outdoor space, but won't break the bank during these straitened times.

Affordable Arches

From Forest Garden is this set of 3 chunky 'sleeper' style arches that offer great flexibility in how you arrange them. Maybe in a neat line to form a tunnel, offset for a more informal look or perhaps place them in separate locations? The choice is yours.

Sleeper Arch Set

The Large Ultima from Forest Garden is one of the widest timber arches, with a total span of 2.4 metres and a very generous 1.6 metres between the posts! Like the style but a bit too wide? It does has a smaller brother at 1.8 metres total width.

Large Ultima Arch

With ever rising prices these days, it is nice to know that the folks over at Garden Selections still have a fantastic range of stylish metal garden arches for less than £100! Plus save a further 10% with our exclusive voucher code.

Selections Garden Arches

The Japanese have some impressive architecture in their temples - and now with these arches you can go for a similar style in your own garden. Trellis side panels add to the oriental style and help climbing plants to develop.

Oriental Arches

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Featured Arches

If you are looking for a wide garden arch - say over 1.5 metres, then you'll know it can be a difficult task, with many arches only managing an opening of around 1 metre. Here is our list of the best extra wide garden arches available now.

Wide garden arches

Wall arches, or half arches are quite difficult to find! We are always getting enquiries for them; now we've tracked down a few reasonably priced examples. There's a surprising variety on offer with both classic and contemporary designs.

Wall Arches

illuminated garden arches


We've Seen The Light and it's at Kings Cross! The adjacent Coal Drops Yard - a new retail & events space, has this lovely installation of illuminated arches.

Advice, Tips & Tricks

There is nothing wrong with a bare arch, but to really maximise the benefit of your arch, introduce a climbing plant to it.

There are many varieties that will thrive over the structure and afford not only a fantastic display of colour but also waft wonderful fragrances as you pass by.

Climbing Plants for Arches

If you are fed up with poor quality plastic outdoor furniture, consider the Southwold range from Harrod Horticultural, designed to last for generations.

Just like their garden arches, Southwold items are designed and handcrafted in their East Anglian workshops from high grade steel, and supplied with a 25 year structural guarantee.

Southwold Range

oversized planter pots


We spotted these oversized planter pots in a City courtyard - they make an interesting alternative to planter boxes.

To create a cosy ambiance in your home, enjoy outdoor cooking with a pizza oven, or simply need a reliable fuel source for your stove, you cannot beat perfectly kiln dried eco-friendly firewood from Logs Online.

Quality Firewood

Introducing Garden Arch Matcher, our new tool that displays a card for each arch then you simply swipe right to add it to your shortlist or swipe left to pass! It's a fun way to make a shortlist of potential arches that you can then review in detail.

Try it now

Some Useful Articles on Roses for Garden Arches

Garden roses

WHEN it comes to ideal climbing plants for your archway, roses are hard to beat. Here are some top tips to get you started.


Garden Arches: all you need to know

types of garden arches

Here is a quick summary version of our exclusive buyers guide - read the full version here

Why buy a garden arch?
An archway can add height to a flat garden and provides an ideal home for colourful and fragrant climbing plants.

A well-placed arch can also divide a garden into separate areas or, in conjunction with hedges or fencing, screen off utility areas such as washing lines or bins.

Metal or wooden garden arches?
Wooden arches tend to be more suited to traditional settings, and their natural timber construction blends in well. The timber is usually pressure treated to protect against rot and is light green or tan in appearance.

Metal arches are more contemporary are are well suited to more urban situations. Most metal arches for gardens are plain steel or painted black and can range from simple designs to those with very ornate detailing.

Garden Arbours
In their most basic form arbours are simply metal or wooden archways but with a fixed seat under the arch.

Wooden arbours tend to be more enclosed and are therefore more suited to the variable British weather.

Often supplied in a natural finish, wooden arbours can be painted in bright or heritage shades to blend in with their surroundings.

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