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Wide Garden Arches

A good reason to buy a garden arch is to span a pathway or create an interesting opening in a fence or hedge. A lot of garden archways seem to be around 1 metre wide which sometimes just isn't quite enough for this purpose!

Happily, there are a number of wider arches on the market now. One thing to mention first is that when buying a garden arch, it's most important to check the width between the posts - the maximum width of the actual opening. The total arch width quoted will generally include the posts themselves and any overhang or planter boxes etc.

Here are some extra wide garden arches that are at least 1.5 metres (5 feet) wide between the posts.

1 Agriframes Monet Arch Metal 180cm 220cm £155
2 Forest Garden Large Ultima Arch Wooden 270cm 218cm £285
3 Harrod Ellipse Arch Metal 150-350cm 207-250cm £299+

Average selling price at time this article was published

1. Agriframes Monet Arch

"A classic metal arch available in various sizes up to 3.6 metres wide"

Agriframes Monet ArchThe Monet is actually a range of metal arches in a classic, simple style that are available in a range of different widths and heights ranging from 1.2 to 3.6 metres wide. (The price we quoted here is for the 1.8 metre wide version).

Like all Agriframes arches, the Monet is constructed from high quality galvanised steel that is then powder coated black for the ultimate weather protection. There is also a 10 year guarantee. Patio feet for hardstanding, and infill panels are useful optional extras.

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2. Forest Garden Large Ultima Arch

"One of the widest timber arches - this sturdy arch can span a 2 metre path!"

Forest Garden Large Ultima ArchThe king of wide timber arches with a massive 2.1 metre (7 feet) span between the posts! This is the big brother of the normal Ultima arch. The attractive design features a fine diamond latticework on the side panels and the flat roof has plenty of rafters with a decent overhang - ideal for hanging baskets.

It's made from responsibly sourced timber and is pressure treated against rot and guaranteed for 15 years. Excellent value - that's a lot of timber for your money! With its good looks, wide span and great price it's a best seller.

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3. Harrod Ellipse Arch

"Made from sturdy 25mm square section steel and available in widths up to 3.5m"

Harrod Ellipse ArchHarrod Horticultural have a wide range of high quality, UK made metal garden arches, many of which are available in various configurations. This recent addition to the range is notable as it is available in widths up to 3.5 metres wide - enough to drive your car through!

Made from extra thick 25mm square section steel, the ellipse arch is strong and yet possess an elegant, flatter curved top section. If you can't find the size yo want, Harrod also offer their made to measure service on this arch.

Like all Harrod arches, it is superbly made and is fully galvanised and powder coated to keep the elements at bay. It's also fully endorsed by the RHS society.

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