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Oriental Garden Arches

Oriental Garden Arches

The Japanese are well-known for having some impressive architecture in their temples and Shinto shrines. Often these structures will feature a torii gate at the entrance to mark your journey into the sacred place from the outside world.

The arches below draw on the design of these torii gates allowing you to also create separation in your garden between two distinct areas.

Most of these arches incorporate trellis style side panels which not only add to the oriental style, but are practical too as they help climbing plants to develop.

Made from chunky timbers, these arches feature that distinctive double beam across the top - very much a stand-out feature of those Torii gates.

Toyko Timber Arch

Toyko Timber ArchAvailable in both 3ft and 4ft widths (that's the total width, between the posts will be a little less), the Tokyo arch has a wonderful curved top beam and wide diamond lattice side panels.

All Tokyo arches are made right here in the UK from FSC Certified timber.

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Cherry Blossom Arch

Cherry Blossom ArchThe name alone conjures up a perfect Japanese scene, and the close knit square trellis side panels are extremely practical, with plenty of help on offer for climbing plants.

It is generously proportioned at almost 7ft wide so is perfect for larger outdoor spaces. It is constructed from FSC certified timber and comes with a 10 year rot guarantee.

It comes flat packed and is easily assembled - the manufacturer has even made a YouTube step-by-step video!

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Wrenbury Flat Top Arch

Wrenbury Flat Top ArchBit of a wild card this one, but we think this Wrenbury metal arch does have that oriental look about it.

It is the perfect choice if you want something a little smaller and/or would prefer a metal arch - the gunmetal grey finish is certainly smart and durable.

A classic round-top version is also available if you like the colour and overall design but would like a little less Zen in your arch!

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