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Unusual Garden Arches

Most garden follow a set design pattern - straight sides with a semi-circular or flat top section, and metal arches are nearly always sealed with a powder-coated black finish.

But if you are looking for something a bit more extraordinary, perhaps an arch that can give your garden a real wow factor, then here are 5 options that break the mould!

  Crocus Rustique Arch Whitby Arch Churnet Valley Tokyo Arch White Arch and Seat Harrod Moongate Arch
Name Crocus
Rustique Arch
Forest Garden
Whitby Arch
Churnet Valley
Tokyo Arch
Arch and Seat
Moongate Arch
Type Metal Wooden Wooden Metal Metal
Width 120cm 154cm 150cm 103cm 250cm
Height 230cm 258cm 222cm 211cm 230cm
Price £150 £251 £189 £194 £595

Price at publication time

1. Crocus Rustique Arch

"Put your trust in the rust with this classic arch that will turn to a rusty bronze colour over time"

Crocus Rustique ArchAlthough it features a classically styled curved top and ladder style side panels, this arch adds a twist - or should we say rust?

Constructed from heavy duty steel rod, the Rustique will live up to its name because it is unpainted, so it will rust naturally over time and take on a wonderful vintage bronze finish.

It it a great option if you prefer the classical arch styling but would like a dash of colour to set it off.

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2. Forest Garden Whitby Arch

"A unique arch design based on the famous whalebone arch on Whitby seafront"

Forest Garden Whitby ArchThis is a very unusual arch that has been inspired by the famous Whalebone arch on Whitby's seafront - a monument to that town's role in the whaling industry.

Instead of a traditional semi-circular or gothic pointed top section, the Whitby's slatted side panels come together and overlap at the top, echoing the shape of that famous monument.

This design also makes it unusually tall at over 2.5 metres, and it's wide too at 1.4 metres between the posts, so ideal for spanning a path or small seat.

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3. Churnet Valley Tokyo Arch

"A solid timber arch made in the UK but with a distinctive Oriental design - 3ft wide version"

Croft Tokyo ArchPut some zen energy in your garden and instill some peace and tranquility with the Tokyo arch.

Helpfully available in 3 or 4ft wide versions, the stand out feature of this chunky timber arch is the magnificent top section.

Inspired by Japanese pagoda designs, this arch is actually made right here in the UK. The natural timber finish could be stained or painted to further enhance its appeal.

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4. Wensum Arch and Seat

"A sturdy wrought iron arbour with a pleasing powder coated antique white finish"

Wensum Arch and SeatThis archway packs a double whammy - not only featuring a rare off-white finish, the seat has room for two people and would make a lovely place to while away warm summer evenings.

There's another advantage too - it is constructed from heavy wrought iron making it very sturdy - no worries about it tipping over when you sit down!

The arch features a tradition curved top section, with gothic curve details on the sides and seat back.

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5. Harrod Moongate Arch

"An unusual circular arch that is very wide and tall with three depths available"

Harrod Moongate ArchThis large arch really has the wow factor with its almost full-circle design.

Designed and made in the UK and with a 10 year guarantee, it is suitable for installation on soft or hard ground (with optional mounting sockets).

There are three depths available, and you can even link several arches together to create a stunning tunnel walkway.

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