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House and Home - What's Yours Called?

Naming your house - it's a peculiarly British custom as it turns out, with more than 300,000 properties christened, according to Royal Mail.

Not a modern day invention, until 1775 all properties were named rather than numbered, especially manors, halls and castles owned by the upper classes.

In that year though, it all changed when an Act of Parliament was passed that mandated numbers and street names be applied.

Flora and Fauna

As of a 2018 count almost a quarter are named after trees and flowers, with Beech and Rose being the respective favourites.

More than 16,000 properties featured some variant of 'Cottage' with 'Rose Cottage' being the number one house name. Dunroamin is not even in the top 20!

House Sign

The county with the most number of named homes was Norfolk with over 16,000 - 800 of which feature the word 'Cottage'.

The Isles Have It

Island residents of Guernsey, the Isle of Man and the Isle of Skye are also big house-namers, with over 1,000 each.

Top Cities for Named Properties

East Anglia strikes again with Norwich having the second highest number of city based named houses - 3,700 (versus London's 10,000). Bristol and York both manage around 3,000 with Southampton, Leeds, Reading and Hereford all topping 2,000.


There are almost 700 residential 'castle' properties across the nation, which principally exist in Scotland – most densely in Inverness and Ayr.

No Place Like Tardis

Pop culture is increasingly playing it's part when people choose to name their home, with Games of Thrones related names starting to appear, while Dr. Who should quite literally feel at home in one of the various 'Tardis' named houses! Highclere (of Downton Abbey fame) featured on nearly 200 nameplates.

7% of people admitted in a survey that they would be willing to pay more for a property that had a name rather than a number, and another survey suggested that a name could add as much as 5% to the value of property.

Top 10 British House Names:

(2018 figures supplied by Royal Mail)

  • Cottage (both ‘Rose’ and ‘Cottage’) (16,397)
  • The Bungalow (6,401)
  • The Coach House (4,261)
  • The Lodge (4,202)
  • Orchard House (4,036)
  • Woodlands (3,640)
  • The Willows (3,416)
  • The Granary (3,265)
  • The Gables (3,232)
  • The Barn (3,098)

House Name Do's and Don'ts

  • You don't normally need to seek official approval to name your house
  • You can use your house name on your address, but you must also include the number if you have one
  • If your property already has a name but no number, you will need to contact your local council first to seek approval for any name change
  • You should not use the same name as another property in the immediate vicinity to avoid confusion