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Settle in for Winter with a Crackling Good Fire!

Whether you're looking to create a cosy ambiance in your home, enjoy outdoor cooking with a pizza oven, or simply need a reliable fuel source for your stove, there's only one place to go.

Logs Online offer a quality firewood selection with a variety of premium firewood options perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, perfectly kiln dried to ensure optimal moisture content and maximum heat output.

Eco-friendly approach

Their firewood is sustainably sourced making it an eco-conscious choice for nature lovers. Furthermore, they are actively involved in initiatives such as One Tree Planted, where they contribute to reforestation efforts with every firewood order placed.

They can supply top brands such as Big K and Fire Guru, in addition to their own extensive range bearing the DEFRA 'Ready to Burn' mark - with a low moisture content of less than 20% - ensuring logs are clean-burning and environmentally friendly.

pizza oven

For the garden chefs among you

They can supply charcoal briquettes and lumpwood, as well as a range of smoking wood for those authentic bbq flavours.

They even have a range of logs specifically for pizza ovens in oak, birch and ash varieties - did you know ash is a 'go to' fuel for many artisan pizza chefs?

Whether you want a few bags of wood pellets or a 400kg crate of kiln dried firewood, Logs Online has just what you need. Plus they offer a range of shipping options to suit including flexible delivery dates and free delivery on orders over £25.

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