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Silver Sphere Garden Water Feature

This beautiful silver sphere water feature is a calming focal point for any garden with its rust proof stainless steel construction and integral LED lights.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, the 30cm ball is made from high grade stainless steel and a hidden water reservoir means there are no additional tanks or pipes required.

Not Just Daytime

The sphere is topped with LED lights illuminating the water as it pours from the sphere, making it an attractive evening feature as the soft glow perfectly complements the soothing water flow.

stainless steel water feature sphere

Featuring a quiet 8w pump so you only hear the gentle burbling of the water. There's a generous 10 metre (32ft) cable allowing you to enjoy the gentle sound of running water almost anywhere!

The water feature is priced at £192.99 (33% off at the time of writing) and delivery is free.

Furthermore, they are currently running an offer where you'll also get a free 3 month supply of Fountain Safe water cleaner (normally £12.99) - a safe, non-chlorine cleaner which helps maintain your fountain's shiny lustre.

The bowl measures 46cm in diameter, the sphere is 30cm and the total height of the unit is 45cm. Weight is 6kg. It has been rated 4.8 out of 5 with 53 reviews!

Tip: put coloured pebbles around the bottom of the globe to further enhance the visual appeal.

Established in 2003, Reading-based Primrose pride themselves on their entire in-house based operation including their UK based customer service team.

Sphere Water Feature by Primrose