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Round Top Garden Arches

Round Top Garden Arches

A garden arch with a semi-circular top section is that timeless, elegant design that has been proven over thousands of years. Perhaps draped with roses, clematis or other climbing plants to create fragrant doorway between two sections of your garden.

These arches, often being taller than usual can be sunk further into the ground improving stability whilst maintaining a decent height.

As you can imagine, there are many versions on the market, with most major brands having a nice selection of both timber and metal arches.

Here is our round-up of some of the most popular and reasonably priced round top garden arches.

  Rowlinson Round Top Arch PoppyForge Buckingham Arch Selections Amalfi Arch Crocus Rustique Arch
Name Rowlinson
Round Top Arch
Buckingham Arch
Amalfi Arch
Rustique Arch
Type Wooden Metal Metal Metal
Height 250cm 218cm 210cm 230cm
Width 124cm 137cm 116cm 120cm
Price £197 £200 £70 £150

Price at publication time

1. Rowlinson Round Top Arch

"The classic rounded top design is ideal to add height to your garden"

Rowlinson Round Top ArchRound top arches tend to be quite tall and this one is certainly no exception. The Rowlinson is also wider than average has, and is particularly good value for money given its size.

The smooth planed timber looks good and does add a touch of class, and of course can be further enhanced by painting or staining.

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2. PoppyForge Buckingham Arch

"A high quality British made arch constructed from solid steel and zinc prime coating"

PoppyForge Buckingham ArchThe Buckingham is a solid performer - quite literally as it is made from solid steel and weighs a hefty 33kg. A black antique paint finish has been applied over the ornate scrollwork.

It's almost 1.4 metres wide, but if this is not enough you can also get hold of optional 1 or 2 metre width extenders. Furthermore, there's also a half-arch version for fixing to a wall.

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3. Selections Amalfi Arch

"An elegant and very popular metal arch finished in black that is affordable and easy to install"

Selections Amalfi ArchThe Amalfi is a consistently strong seller that has a timeless design and some nice scroll-work on the side panels to add interest.

Despite the low price, it is made from heavier grade steel than other low-cost arches, and comes with the added bonus of ground spikes for extra stability.

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4. Crocus Rustique Arch

"Put your trust in the rust with this classic arch that will turn to a rusty bronze colour over time"

Crocus Rustique ArchCrocus are one of the UK's biggest plant sellers, and have small range of garden arches - all of which are a little different.

If you are looking for a traditional style archway but find the usual black finish a little too ordinary this could be the answer.

It is unpainted, so it will rust naturally over time and take on a wonderful vintage bronze finish.

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Need More Choice?

There are many other circular topped garden arches available at various price points and sizes.

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