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15 July 2017NEWS

How to Fix a Garden Arch into the Ground

We are often asked what is the proper procedure to securely fix a garden arch into the ground, so here is a quick explainer for you.

Timber Arches

Heavy wooden arches need to be secured into soft ground, ideally with a quick drying fence post concrete such as Metcrete. You need to secure each arch leg in the metcrete to a depth of about 30cm (12"). Most garden arches are designed with this sort of depth in mind, so don't worry about losing too much height.

Metal spikes
Metal Spikes for Timber Arches

An alternative fixing method, especially for lighter wooden arches like the Gardman Elegance is to use metal spikes. You simply slot the arch leg into the spike (make sure you measure the width of the leg to get the right sized spike). The spike is then driven into the ground to about 20cm (8").

On hard surfaces such as concrete or patios, you need to get some fixing brackets to secure the arch in place.

Metal Arches

Thinner tubular metal arches are lightweight enough to be sunk into soft ground to a depth of about 40cm (14"). If the soil is a little firm then water it first or use a spike or pole to make a pilot hole first.

Garden Arbours

Unlike arches which have longer legs, arbours are designed to be freestanding. You can secure them to hard surfaces with brackets as per wooden arches, or in soft ground you will need to screw a timber stake (about 30cm tall) to each leg, and then sink the whole stake into the ground. The arbour legs will rest on the surface.