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A warm welcome to English Garden Arches. Whether you are looking for a simple wooden garden arch, a decorative metal garden arch or an extra wide archway, we've got all the latest news, information and deals on the best garden arches and arbours currently on the market!

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  • Argos Vouchers are Back!

    Argos LogoArgos have just re-introduced their famous gift voucher promotion!

    You get a free £5 voucher when you spend £50 or more, or a free £10 voucher when you spend over £100. Vouchers are awarded on purchases until 30th May. You must spend the vouchers before 17th July.

    The vast majority of their garden arches and arbours should qualify for the £10 voucher so if you are planning to make purchase take a look at their range now!

    See what arches and arbours are available at Argos

  • Garden Arbour for Under £100

    Athena Wooden ArbourIf you need a nice timber garden arbour but only have a budget of £100 then look no further than the Storemore Athena Arbour.

    Its chunky timber appearance makes it look a lot more expensive than it actually is. The slatted roof looks good, and the tall apex gives plenty of headroom inside. There's also some useful trellis panels on the sides.

    At less than £100 with free delivery it's great value, and if you need a matching arch there's the Storemore Atlas Arch to go with it!

  • How to Fix a Garden Arch into the Ground

    We are often asked what is the proper procedure to securely fix a garden arch or arbour into the ground, so here is a quick explainer for you to ensure you get a sturdy, wobble-free structure! [More...]

  • The Huntingdon Arch has Integrated Planters

    Greenhurst Huntingdon Arch with PlantersIn some situations, an arch on it's own can look a little lonely in an open space, so if that's stopping you from buying an arch then take a look at the Huntingdon.

    It's a stylish metal arch finished in on-trend gunmetal grey and has some nice simple detailing on the side panels.

    What sets it apart though, are the two integrated planter boxes either side, which of course are in the same colour and style as the main arch.

    At over 1 metre wide between the posts, the arch itself is a good size and the planters themselves are 50cm square.

    More info: Huntingdon Metal Arch with Planters

  • Special Feature: Garden Arbours

    The trees are coming alive with blossom so spring has definitely sprung! You'll be spending more time in the garden now, so why not install a garden arbour? These fantastic structures not only look good and add a real focal point to your garden, but they're practical too and can often seat 2 or more people. Here's a roundup of 5 popular garden arbours. [More...]

  • Harrod Literally Have a Range of Wide Arches!

    Harrod Roman ArchFinding an extra wide metal garden arch, say over 2 metres wide, is easier said than done. However, one company that steps up to the mark is Harrod Horticultural.

    They manufacture their own garden arches (and many other items besides) right here in the UK and use only high grade, extra strong steel.

    Not only can most of their arches be supplied in widths up to 2.5 metres or even 3 metres for the Roman arch, but they can even build an arch to your own size!

    If you need a really wide or tall arch then we think their range is definitely worth a look. All their arches are RHS endorsed and come with a 10 year guarantee. In fact, there are many Roman Arches installed at Wisley Gardens in Surrey.

    In addition, a Roman Arch was recently featured on the BBC programme, Kew On a Plate, in which top chef Raymond Blanc designed a kitchen garden that included a number of arches.

    Until the end of the year, Harrod are offering 10% off all arches with code ARC10.

    See the Harrod range of wide metal arches

  • Cheap and Cheerful!

    Garden arches come in all shapes, sizes and even colours these days, but if you just want something simple and cheap what are your options? Gardman, who are a long established manufacturer in garden accessories have a wide range of metal arches, and 4 of them are below £25!

    The Easy Garden arch is just that - really simple to put together and sink in to the ground. It's classic arch that's a good width too - 1.4 metres. Priced around £6. More info...

    Gardman Gothic ArchThe Gothic Arch (pictured) features a classic gothic top section and like the easy arch, it's simple and easy to put together.

    As you can see it's a great looking arch for the money and that top section makes it really tall and imposing. Costs around £20, read more...

    The Gallic Metal Arch is kind of similar to the easy arch but has a flattened curved top section and shares the same benefit of being easy to put up and just being able to fit in anywhere! Costs around £22, more info...

    Finally, the Extra Wide Arch is probably one of the most popular and as the name suggests is nice and wide. At 1.5 metres it is a great cost effective solution to span a wide path or gap in a fence or hedge. Usually priced at less than £25, read more...

  • Welcome Garden Street and the Valencia Arch

    We are pleased to announce that we are now showing products available from Garden Street, a Cheshire based specialist garden retailer established in 2008. They offer a wide range of garden products, including popular garden arches at great prices and with free delivery to most areas.

    Valencia or Somercote ArchOne of their more interesting garden arches is the Valencia from Grange. Sometimes called the Somercote (we're not sure why Grange have two names for their arches!) it is nice and tall and features a distinctive peak and full trellis side panels - ideal for those climbers!

    As standard it's available in a natural state, but for an additional £70 you can opt for one of 5 fantastic 'heritage' style shades such as Rush Green shown here.

    Full details on the Valencia Arch

  • Wide Garden Arches

    If you are looking for a wide garden arch - say over 1.5 metres, then you'll know it's a difficult task. The standard width of the openings on garden arches seems to be around 1 metre on average. But fear not, we have looked around and come up with this excellent list of extra wide garden arches! [More...]

  • Explaining Our New Shortlist Feature

    One of the new features that we've implemented on our new site is the ability to compare items side by side rather than having to keep switching between product pages.

    We've called it shortlist. Simply add items to your shortlist and then view your shortlist to compare your selection - it couldn't be easier!

    Here are some hints and tips on starting your shortlist

  • Round Up Of The Round Tops!

    Tall and elegant, garden arches with a semi-circular top section are quite popular at the moment and all the major brands have their own versions. Whether you are looking for a metal or timber one, there's bound to be one to suit your particular setting. Here is a rundown of what is available right now! [More...]

  • Back to Nature with Gardman

    Gardman have a number of nicely detailed metal arches at the moment, but their Nature arch is particularly attractive and part of a 10 part range of garden items.

    The side panels of this tubular iron archway are decorated with motifs of leaves and birds. It's also finished in a pleasing dark brown colour.

    There are other matching products in the Nature range including hanging basket brackets, planters and trellis panels so you can get a nice coordinated effect in your garden.

    Like all Gardman arches it's flat-packed but easily assembled, and it's very well priced too. Worth a look if you are on a budget but want something more than a basic black metal arch.

    More on the Gardman Nature Arch

  • A Garden Arch That Has Its Own Lights!

    Many people add a string of lights to their garden arches to make an interesting night time display, so we were particularly interested in this arch from Greenfingers.

    This metal garden arch comes supplied with two carriage style LED lights that are solar powered. It would make a wondeful entrance to your front garden and there's even a welcome sign in the pack too!

    The arch itself is easy to put together and at around £40 is fantastic value, and is especially useful now that the nights are getting longer!

    Read more on the Greenfingers Solar Arch

  • The Sweet Pea Garden Arch

    A lot of metal garden arches tend to opt for diamond lattice or vertical/horizontal line details on their side panels, so this new arch from Greenfingers is quite interesting.

    The flower design on the side is eyecatching and yet still provides plenty of opportunities for climbing plants to get a hold.

    Despite the name, any climbing plants will love this one, and at around £40 with only £3 for delivery you'll love the price too!

    Sweet Pea Metal Arch from Greenfingers

  • Some Solid Garden Arches from GAP

    GAP Garden Products are a British manufacturing success story. They have been making solid steel garden structures for 25 years now and everything is made at their factory in Kettering. Their garden arches are much more sturdy than ordinary tubular steel arches, though of course they do cost a little bit more. Here is a look at some of their top-sellers. [More...]

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  • The Convertible Garden Arches

    When is a garden arch not an arch? When it can also be a seat or a gateway! Both the Westminster and Kensington metal arches from Gardman have a couple of great optional extras. 

    Gardman Westminster Arch

    Gardman Westminster Arch
    The Westminster is a black power coated metal arch is classically styled with strong vertical side details. Both seat and gate options are readily available and easily installed. Comes with ground spikes for installing in difficult ground conditions.

    Read more on the Gardman Westminster Arch

    Gardman Westminster Arch

    Gardman Kensington Arch
    Very similar to the Westminster at first glance, the Kensington has a slightly different style to it's vertical side bars. It's also slightly taller and wider and is painted a very charming dark green (official name: verdigras). Also has seat and gate options and comes with useful ground spikes.

    Read more on the Gardman Kensington Arch

  • New White-Grey Metal Arch

    Gardman Loire Metal ArchGardman have just released a new range of garden products - their Signature Loire range features 9 items such as obelisks and planters, as well as this elegant metal archway.

    All products in the Loire range feature some lovely ornate scrollwork, and are finished in a distressed white-grey colour which makes a nice change from the usual black.

    More details on the Gardman Loire Metal Arch

  • The Classic Wrenbury Metal Arch

    Rowlinson Wrenbury Metal ArchThe Wrenbury range of arches has increased recently with the addition of the round top version, but this is the classic orginal.

    This popular Wrenbury arch is made by long established garden experts Rowlinson and features some very nice latticework on the sides and particularly the top. This makes it rather more ornate and detailed than other arches in this price range, and gives it an interesting oriental look.

    Read more about the Classic Rowlinson Wrenbury Arch

    See The whole range of Wrenbury Arches

  • New Low Price Metal Arch from Gardman

    Gardman Versailles Metal Garden ArchThe attractive Versailles metal garden arch from Gardman is now available at a new low price. Finished in a dark copper/anthracite colour it has a fine mesh on the side panels which make it ideal for longer stemmed as well as normal climbing plants. The top section is formed into a classic gothic arch.

    Available now from Amazon for around £50 it represents good value from an established manufacturer.

    Read more about the Gardman Versailles Metal Archway

  • Pick of the Plants from Gardening Express

    Gardening ExpressAre you starting to think about what new plants you want for next year? Take a look at Gardening Express. They only sell plants so they really know what they are talking about. They have even supplied TV shows and celebrities!

    As well as their own nurseries they also work with many other trusted suppliers so they will always have wide range - from the popular to the obscure!

    Search Gardening Express

  • Turning Japanese - Get the Oriental Look

    Here are two wooden garden arches sporting a distinctly Japanese design, that would suit not only an oriental style setting but would look great in any space. Both are priced around £80 so are great value too and made from sustainably sourced timber.

    Greenfingers Japanese Style Arch
    Greenfingers Japanese Style ArchThis arch really has cracked the Japanese look with the triangular top and of course those circular side 'windows'. It is made from high quality fir and is easily put together.

    Width: 131cm
    Height: 238cm
    Depth: 45cm

    More details on the Greenfingers Japanese Style Arch

    Greenfingers Premier Arch
    Greenfingers Premier ArchThis wooden arch has an unusual side design that has both diamond trellis and vertical bars that is not only visually striking but also gives climbing plants plenty of chances to get established.

    Width: 152cm
    Height: 227cm
    Depth: 80cm

    More details on the Greenfingers Premier Arch

  • Garden Arch/Bench with an Attractive Flower and Leaf Design

    ABC Ornamental Garden Arch and BenchThis new arch and bench combo has a lot going for it. For starters it's made from sturdy steel finished in an attractive dark copper colour. 

    There is also an attractive flower and leaf design that features on both the arch side panels and the seat. Supplied as a flat pack that is easily assembed by two people.

    Best of all is the price - at around £120 it's a great price for such an attractive design; the neighbours will think you paid much more!

    Get more details on the Garden Arch Bench

  • All Change at Grange Fencing!

    Grange Fencing Steepleford ArchGrange Fencing make a range of garden products including a nice range of wooden garden arches.

    They've just decided to rename the whole range and we notice that most, but not all retailers are aware of this. So to avoid any confusion here is the new and old names list!

    Steepleford (pictured) used to be Elite Granville
    Hauxton used to be Elite
    Pembridge used to be Elite Portico
    Dunwich used to be Kyre
    Ellington used to be Elite Bow Top

    Phew! Glad that's sorted!

    View the complete Grange Fencing Range of Arches

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  • Roses - Questions and Answers

  • An Introduction to Garden Hedges

  • Rose Basics

  • Garden Arch Considerations

  • Benefits of a Garden Arch

Garden arches: all you need to know

Here is a quick summary version of our exclusive buyers guide - read the full version here

Why buy a garden arch?
An archway can add height to a flat garden and provides an ideal home for colourful and fragrant climbing plants. A well-placed arch can also divide a garden into separate areas or, in conjunction with hedges or fencing, screen off utility areas such as washing lines or bins.

Metal or wooden garden arches?
Wooden arches tend to be more suited to traditional settings, and their natural timber construction blends in well. The timber is usually pressure treated to protect against rot, and they are usually of a green of brown colour. Trellis side panels are popular, as is the rustic effect made with rounded larch poles.

Metal arches are more contemporary are are well suited to more urban situations. Most metal arches for gardens are plain steel or painted black and can range from simple designs to those with very ornate detailing. Side panels can sometimes be trellis style but often they are open. Some galvanised steel frames can easily be painted any colour you like.

Garden Arbours
In their most basic form arbours are simply garden archways but with a fixed seat under the arch. They can be metal or wooden. Wooden arbours tend to be more enclosed are therefore more suited to the variable British weather. Often supplied in a natural finish, wooden arbours can be painted in bright or heritage shades to blend in with their surroundings.

Read the Full Buyers Guide