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What better way to sit and relax outside than from the comfort of a garden arbour? Like a garden arch, an arbour is available in a range of different styles such as modern, rustic or oriental.

Metal Arbours
These tend to be smaller than wooden ones and rarely have a covered roof. On the plus side they are easier to erect and move about when required. They are usually painted black or a dark brown colour and their compact dimensions make them suitable for patio areas or the smaller garden.

Wooden Arbours
Generally of a much more substantial construction that metal arbours, timber garden arbours are usually designed to be permanently sited in your garden and corner versions can be quite large seating 3 or more people. Factory treated against rot they are supplied bare but can easily be painted or stained.

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Storemore Athena Arbour


Athena Arbour

A great value arbour that has a homely, rustic apearance

from £105.99

  • Width110.4cm
  • Height198cm
  • Depth64cm
Rowlinson Rustic Seat Arbour


Rustic Seat Arbour

A traditional open arbour constructed from rounded timbers

from £144.99

  • Width154cm
  • Height232cm
  • Depth56cm
Shire Mimosa Arbour


Mimosa Arbour

A great value arbour with an attractive tongue and groove construction

from £193.99

  • Width125cm
  • Height224cm
  • Depth66cm
Rowlinson Victoria Garden Arbour


Victoria Garden Arbour

An elegant timber arbour featuring a large rounded open slatted roof

from £229.99

  • Width134cm
  • Height199cm
  • Depth80cm
Rowlinson Jaipur Arbour


Jaipur Arbour

A stylish timber arbour with a strong oriental flavour and open slatted roof

from £249.99

  • Width133cm
  • Height207.5cm
  • Depth80cm
Forest Garden Palermo Garden Arbour

Forest Garden

Palermo Garden Arbour

An elegant arbour with trellis panels and a solid timber roof

from £270.00

  • Width145cm
  • Height208cm
  • Depth60cm
Rowlinson Tenbury Garden Arbour


Tenbury Garden Arbour

The Tenbury has a distinctive pointed roof and trellis side panels

from £279.99

  • Width176.5cm
  • Height234cm
  • Depth94cm
Rowlinson Balmoral Wooden Arbour


Balmoral Wooden Arbour

A great softwood corner arch supplied ready treated and ideal for painting

from £319.99

  • Width210cm
  • Height226cm
  • Depth125cm
Rowlinson Party Wooden Arbour


Party Wooden Arbour

Ideal for entertaining the seat can be raised to provide space for a barbecue

from £319.99

  • Width181cm
  • Height240cm
  • Depth129cm
Rowlinson Winchester Garden Arbour


Winchester Garden Arbour

Featuring a distinctive metal gothic style roof and useful underseat storage

from £319.99

  • Width139cm
  • Height213.5cm
  • Depth70.5cm
Rowlinson Willow Gazebo


Willow Gazebo

This six sided gazebo is a great alternative to a standard wooden arbour

from £324.99

  • Width248cm
  • Height265cm
  • Depth215cm
Rowlinson Haven Corner Arbour


Haven Corner Arbour

A versatile corner wooden arbour with attractive metal detailing

from £448.00

  • Width250cm
  • Height250cm
  • Depth173cm