A hose of a different colour

Is your hosepipe Instagram friendly? Seriously – these are!

Taking a (slightly modified) leaf out of Henry Ford’s book, most garden hosepipe makers seem to offer any colour you like – as long as it’s green or yellow.

Whilst yellow stands out and green blends in well, they are hardly exciting in a world where we have so much choice in just about everything else.

Hue and Cry

You see, rather annoyingly, it is not as simple a choosing a type (eg. heavy duty), length and then a colour. Unless you want green or yellow which is widely available as we have already discovered.

For more exotic colours you may be limited to certain lengths or types but depending on what you actually need it for that may not matter.

Here then is your guide to the latest trends in hosepipe colours. You’ll never settle for green or yellow again!

Insta Tints

For the ultimate in stylish and dare we say, Instagrammable hoses, we look to Swedish brand Garden Glory who have taken the utilitarian garden hosepipe to another level.

They have produced a range of designer hoses, fittings and wall mounts in pink, gold, light blue and white as well as black, grey and a pastel green.

The hoses are standard ½” diameter and come in 20 metre lengths. Prices start at around €110 (£94) rising to €125 (£107) for the gold one so you’ll need to really love your garden!

A Shade Cheaper

Not to be outdone on the colour front, Hozelock have two hose ranges available in many high street stores at quite reasonable prices.

Seasons is a spiral hose that expands from a compact 1 metre coil all the way out to a handy 15 metres and includes a 5 setting spray gun that can switch instantly between a soft mist and a powerful jet of water.

The Pico Reel range is dinky 10 metre hose-reel less than 2 kilos in weight, that also comes with a 5 function multi-spray gun.

Both Hozelock ranges are available in 3 bright colours – lime green, purple and pink. The Seasons range has the actual hose in that colour while the Pico Reel has only a coloured reel.

Red or Blue

Red hose at night, gardeners delight

If red is your colour then look no further than High Street discounters Wilko – they sell this 8 metre reel that also comes with a 6 function spray gun for £15.

Screwfix offer a tastefully coloured pastel blue PVC hose in 25 or 50 metres lengths that has good user feedback for durability.

Wickes have a 30 metre hose in an attractive dark blue, and also available from Wickes is a Karcher (of pressure washer fame) 20 metre garden hose in contemporary dark grey with a yellow stripe. It can withstand 45bar pressure, twice as much as a standard hose.

Hanging Out, Scandinavian Style

Back to Sweden and those uber chic designers over at Garden Glory have the ultimate wall mounts for your new hose.

Their circular metal wall mounts are available in the same range of colours as the hoses, but for real impact choose the reindeer (above) or claw designs. Your Instagram followers will love you, but at nearly €300 your wallet definitely won’t.