elcome to Garden Gossip. This is the pilot issue of a new mini-magazine we are looking at running here at English Garden Arches. In this edition, we discover that you can grow exotic Kiwi fruit in the UK and as vigorous growers they make great climbers for your arch and bear pretty and fragrant flowers. We’ve found some Instagram friendly hosepipes - seriously, you can now even get them in gold or pink!

We also take a look at the latest developments in artificial grass and there’s some advice on keeping slugs and snails away from your precious veggie patch. Please do let us know what you think of this first issue - there is a feedback form at the bottom of the page!

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A hose of a different colour

Is your hosepipe Instagram friendly? Seriously - these ones are! We discover that the humble hose now comes in any colour you like - even gold!

Artificial lawn: the grass is always greener

Fake grass has come on a long way since early sports centre Astroturf and you can now get artificial grass that mimics many different grass types and styles

Kiwipedia: all about growing kiwifruit in the UK

The sweet and sour exotic that is rich in vitamin C and makes an ideal climbing plant for your archway!


The bird that got the cream - blue tit facts

Surprisingly yellow despite it’s name, the blue tit is a clever and resourceful bird that once had milkmen in a bit of a flutter

superstar gardening gloves

Gardening gloves fit for a superstar

If Sir Elton John should want to take up gardening (and it’s well known he has a penchant for flowers!) then these sparkling synthetic leather gloves from trendy Swedish designers Garden Glory would suit the flamboyant musician to a tee!

Available in 3 sizes and two colour schemes – ‘silver bullet’ and naturally, ‘gold digger’. The stretchy material and adjustable wrist tab ensure a comfy fit, and a brass button completes the look.

Despite appearances, they’re dirt and water repellent so they’ll always be ready for any superstar gardening diva.

€55 from Garden Glory

Slugs and snails, it’s time to escargot

Did you know: an average garden can contain up to 10,000 slugs! Here are some ways to manage that

Half of all bluebells grow in the UK

It’s true – according to the National Trust almost half of all the world’s bluebells can be found right here in the UK