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Garden Arch Shapes and Styles

Garden Arch Shapes and Styles

When you think of a garden arch, you might visualise the standard round-top arch, and while this is a popular choice, there are in fact many different styles to choose from.

There are 4 basic archway shapes, with a few subtle variations which we will look at here.

Garden Arch Shapes and Styles

1. Classic Round Arch

Classic Round Arches

The Roman arch is the archetypal (if you forgive the pun) garden arch style that people have been enjoying since literally Roman times.

The gently curved semi-circular top section is a timeless style that will look good in any space and there are many examples to choose from in both wood and metal.

The Amalfi and Knightsbridge are popular choice under £100, while the Rowlinson Wrenbury arch comes in a smart gunmetal grey finish and a smooth-planed wooden version is also available.

For larger budgets, both Agriframes and Harrod Horticultural offer robust Roman arches in a variety of widths.

A variation on the round top is the ellipse arch which has a much flatter top section. Because of this, these (usually metal) arches tend to be wider and are ideal for spanning a wide pathway. Agriframes offer the Monet arch and Harrod have the Ellipse arch.

Another interesting variation is the Moon Gate arch from Harrod which is almost a perfect circle.

2. Gothic Arch

Gothic Arches

Another popular choice, a traditional gothic arch has gently sloping sides culminating in a simple point - very much like the shape of a church window.

Despite this shape dating back to Gothic architecture of the late medieval period, a gothic archway can have a very contemporary appearance.

The Gothic arch by Poppyforge is made from solid steel, while Harrod have their own version which is available in widths up to 2.5 metres.

An interesting variation on the gothic style is the timber Whitby arch by Rowlinson, based on the town's Whalebone arch - a seafront monument to the whaling industry. The sides form a gothic point but overlap slightly at the top.

Another timber variation is the Atlas arch which has straight side panels that give way to a sharp roof-style apex.

3. Flat Top Arch

Flat Top Arches

Although there are a few metal arches in this style, they are predominantly timber arches due in part to the extra difficulty in shaping curved wooden sections.

The wooden versions tend to be made from quite chunky timbers and are ideal for exposed locations where their weight will better stand up to buffeting winds. The top section often overhangs the sides and makes an ideal place for hanging plants.

The Twilight arch is inexpensive yet chunky and wider than average, while both Rowlinson and Forest Garden also offer their interpretations of a traditional flat top arch.

Harrod's Square arch is one of the few metal arches in this style, and its very modern shape is perfectly square with no overhanging top section.

Another metal option is the Rowlinson Wrenbury - this is the flat top cousin the the round top version mentioned above.

4. Ogee Arch

Ogee Arches

Finally, the ogee arch is a more ornate gothic style arch with a subtle S-shaped curved top leading to a sharp point - ogee literally means an S-shaped line.

This shape of arch is also sometimes referred to as a Venetian arch owing to its popularity in that city.

It is a very popular style, but given the tricky S shaped curve, we have only seen metal arches in this style.

The Tuscan arch from Selections is a popular choice under £100, while the ogee gothic arch from Agriframes is available in widths up to 3.6 metres!

The Crocus boutique arch is rather more ornate and is finished in an unusual sage green. The Harrod ogee arch is, like all their arches, constructed from 1.5mm thick steel which is fully galvanised.