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HarrodEllipse Wall Arch

Harrod Ellipse Wall Arch
Key Features
  • Buy Now from £198.90
  • UK Made
  • Various sizes up to 2.5 Metres Wide
  • Multiple Arches can be Linked Together
  • 10 Year Framework Guarantee
Full Specification

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Total width of arch at it's widest point. Different width options may be offered by the retailer

Total height of arch at it's highest point Different height options may be offered by the retailer

Total depth of arch at it's deepest point

Garden arches are generally made of wood or metal

Colours this arch is available in. Wooden arches are generally supplied treated but bare of stain or paint ('natural')

Number of years that the manufacturer will guarantee the product against defects with normal use

Available in other widths up to:
250cm / 99in
(different prices may apply)

In Detail

Recently added to their range of high quality UK made metal arches, this wall arch from Harrod is ideal for livening up a bare wall or a dreary side alley.

Not only is it made from high quality super strength steel, but is available in three widths - 1.5 metres,2 and 2.5 metres with 3 depth options. In addition, you can link several together to create a pleasant walkway.

No soil in your intended installation area? No problem, although designed to sit in soft ground, optional mounting sockets allow you to easily fix to hard ground such as concrete.

UK made and available in various sizes, this wall arch is ideal for livening up a bare wall

Where can I buy it?

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