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AgriframesRound Portico

Agriframes Round Portico
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In Detail

An over-door arch (or portico to give it the official title) is something we often get asked about, but they are difficult products to find, especially at this quality.

It's actually one of a range that Agriframes make, this one is a traditional round arch and the lattice style infill panels come supplied as standard.

With a width of 1.5 metres, it is generously proportioned and will make an imposing entrance to your property, especially if you can get some roses to climb around it!

It comes with patio feet for hard ground, or they can be removed so that the archway can be installed in soft ground.

A hard to find product, this portico is elegantly designed and finished in matt black

Where can I buy it?

We don't sell this product ourselves, but these retailers do:
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