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26 September 2019NEWS

Turbo Charge your Composting with the Hotbin!

Quicker composting with the hotbinAward winning composting bins 'cooks' compostable garden and kitchen material at up to 60 degrees Celsius to produce mulching compost in 30 days!

Rapid Composting

Winner of the Chelsea Flower Show Product of the Year 2019! The Hotbin range of composting bins work 32 times faster than cold composting.

The modern styling features fully insulated casing, 50mm thick and made from lightweight expanded polypropylene.

Able to maintain temperatures of 40 to 60 degrees Celsius, they can produce mulching compost in just 30 days and more mature, general purpose material in 90 days.

Available in Two Sizes

The 200 litre version is approx wheelie bin sized and is ideal for a 3-5 person household producing 5kilos (10 litres) of waste per week - this is the minimum amount required to keep the bin operating effectively. measures 55x55cm and 114cm tall. Weights 8kh when empty.

The 100 litre version is better suited to a smaller 1-2 person household with half that waste requirement. Measures 45 by 45cm and 112cm tall. Weight is 4kg when empty.

Useful Accessories

All Hotbins come with a range of accessories including a raking stick, 25 litre bag of bulking agent and a special hot water bottle to 'kick-start' winter composting. An internal thermometer accurately tracks temperature in the top waste layer.

Features of the Hotbin range:

  • Bio-filter reduces odours
  • No tumbling, no forking, no turning
  • Send less waste to landfill
  • Modern and Compact Design
  • Delivered fully assembled
  • Air inlet and outlet for effective aeration
  • UK designed and made

Available from Harrod Horticultural at very reasonable prices and with free delivery to most mainland UK addresses.

More Details:

Hotbin 200L Composter £150

Hotbin Mini 100L Composter £ 199