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12 April 2018NEWS

Best Garden Arbours Under £200

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There's no better way to relax and enjoy the fruits of your gardening efforts, than from the comfy seat of a garden arbour.

Most arbours are made from timber and sometimes you can buy arbours that match your garden arch or even fence panels, to get a co-ordinated look.

Here are four arbours that are very reasonably priced under £200 and yet are both elegant and practical two-seaters.

If you have a bigger budget, then check out our round-up of large garden arbours - some are full four seaters!

1 Storemore Athena Arbour Timber 110cm 198cm £100
2 Rowlinson Jaipur Arbour Timber 133cm 207cm £185
3 Shire Mimosa Arbour Timber 125cm 224cm £195
4 Royalcraft Romance Arbour Metal 130cm 190cm £205

* Average selling price at time this article was published

1. Storemore Athena Arbour

"A great value arbour that has a homely, rustic apearance"

Storemore Athena ArbourA chunky timber arbour with good head height thanks to its impressive apex, this is very good value and comes with a 7 year rot guarantee. Maybe a bit of a squeeze for two as the seat is only 81cm wide.

Like all timber arches, it's treated but unpainted - you can of course leave it like this or paint or stain it to suit. Full Details

2. Rowlinson Jaipur Arbour

"A stylish timber arbour with a strong oriental flavour and open slatted roof"

Rowlinson Jaipur ArbourAs the name suggests, there are echoes of old India in this elegant design that makes a nice change from a pointed or curved roof shape.

Slated wooden design is appealing though will let the rain in! Useful trellis side panels. Looks wonderful when painted or stained. Full Details

3. Shire Mimosa Arbour

"A great value arbour with an attractive tongue and groove construction"

Shire Mimosa ArbourQuite a detailed arbour with completely solid roof and back panel for privacy, and trellis style side windows.

Comes treated but not painted (painted example shown) but of course you can paint or stain it in any style that takes your fancy!Full Details

4. Royalcraft Romance Arbour

"An elegant metal arbour that comes in a choice of colour and can seat two"

Royalcraft Romance ArbourUnusual in the sense of being a rare metal arch and not timber based, the Romance arbour has a suitably elegant and ornate French design to match its name. Available in either white or green, each has a slightly different seat design. Only just nudges over our £200 price limit. Full Details